Shichinohe Hinamatsuri Festival Guide

Shichinohe Hinamatsuri Guide Map
Shichinohe Hinamatsuri (doll festival) welcomes all the guest along Shichinohe central market street using 20 stores. We display dolls, antiques, photos, flowers and handmade dolls etc.
Some buildings are very old and worth watching. You can also enjoy shopping and talking to the staff at every place. Of course you can take pictures.
Enjoy your spring one day walking along the street.
("Kyu-" means "used to be")
**** Fund raising request ****
*As there were big earthquake around Kyushu area 2 years ago and there were some disasters such as flood or heavy storm, we also set a box for charity funds. Please give your will to help people in need. We hope usual day to come back and we pray for those who must endure these huge disasters.
◇◇◇◇Access to Shichinohe Hinamatsuri◇◇◇◇

■Using car 

・Rout 4→Rout 394 →Shichinohe town hall parking 

■Using railway(Shinkansen)

・Shichinohetowada Stn.→Shichirin(Rental cycle)→Shichinohe central market street(15 min.)

・Shichinohetowada Stn.→Taxi→Shichinohe central market street(5 min.)

・Shichinohetowada Stn.→Rentacar→Shichinohe central market street(5 min.)

・Shichinohetowada Stn.→On foot→Shichinohe central market street(40 min.)

1. Kyu-Yamayu Shouten
Main venue of the event

This store used to sell Miso and Shouyu. Also it used to blew Miso and Shouyu. You can feel those days only just looking at the building from outside. You can also see things inside of course.

There are many hina-dolls on steps and hanging dolls.

You can also try to make hanging doll. Enjoy making your original doll.

They serve small lunch. Try it.


2. Kawasaku saketen (liqueur shop)
This store used to blew and sell a famous sake called "Takanoha".

Now they sell variety of liqueurs such as Nihonshu(sake), whiskey, wine, beer.

They display hina-dolls as well as antique measurement tools and clock.

If you like sake, you can enjoy tasting Jisake (local sake). Why don't you buy one(s) for the souvenir and for yourself.


3. Kyu-Yamamotogumi(construction)
The place was an office of construction company. The building was built almost 80 years ago. Yamamotogumi built many bridges and constructed river sides. It also built stairs of Tennou Shrine, the place of azalea festival held in May. You can still see the steps at Tennou Shrine.
They display hina-dolls on steps and old photographs.
You can enjoy the explanation of dolls also.
4. Yakisoba Suzume (Yakisoba restaurant)
You can enjoy variety of Yakisoba (fried noodles). Though it usually opens in the evening, it opens in the noon time during the festival period. You can take a break to have Yakisoba if you feel hungry walking along the street.
They display hina-dolls and pictures inside. Feel free to come in.
5. Kyu-Yonezawa Ryokan(Japanese hotel)
This place was used as a Japanese style hotel.
Old hina-dolls and antiques are displayed at the entrance of the hotel.
At the parking space next to this place, we set a resting place and serve Oden.
Also we set a box to ask charity funds for Kumamoto earthquake disaster here.
6. Interior union Ishigen (furniture)
It has been selling furniture since long time ago. You can see precious hina-dolls as well as variety of furniture. Why don't you find comfortable items here.
You can take a rest and use free Wifi at Free Spot inside the store.
7. Midoriya Keshouhinten (cosmetics, clothes)
This store sells cosmetics and clothes. There are many clothes and you will get good advise from the staff. Please talk to them what you want. They will also give good advise for your makeup.
Hina-dolls and hand made original dolls are displayed here.
8. Yoneman Shouten (rice, grains)
This store sells such products like rice and grains produced in Aomori. The recommendations are "Jukkokumai (rice with ten grains)" and "Irimame (roasted beans)". You can get them here and at Michino-eki.
Hanging dolls and flower arrangements are displayed here. You can experience arrangement of flower(20th AM10 to PM2).
9. Fukuda Tokeiten (jewelries, watches)
This store sells watches, jewelries and glasses. You can find pretty items that must suit you.
They display hina-dolls on steps and ceramic dolls.
10. Fashion plaza Tachu (clothes, shoes, bags)
This store sells variety of popular clothes, shoes and bags. You can find your only clothes. It used to make and sell konnyaku (Japanese jelly).
They display hina-dolls on steps.
11. Kyu-Yamagi Youhinten(clothes)
It was a store having been selling western style clothes. Many people used to come to buy the newest popular clothes.
During this event, they display many hand made crafts such as hina-dolls and purses or clothes. Pick and see ones if you like.
You can also purchase them. Ask the staff and try to put them on.
12. Kyu-Machiken Shouten(clothes)
Machiken was a store having been selling Japanese style clothes. This was one of the stores that sell Japanese clothes(Kimono).
During this event, they display hand made hina-dolls and hanging dolls.
They also sell them and old cloths as material of hand made crafts. Why don't you start making crafts with them?
13. Kyu-Machi no eki (town station)
It was a liqueur shop and became a town station as a community space. But it was closed two years ago.
During this event, chamber of commerce women section displays rabbit dolls and hina-dolls.
You can purchase kits of the dolls. Also you can experience to make it here. Please feel free to drop here.
They serve light snack with tea or coffee at 300yen.
Only 21th and 22th open.
14. Kyu-Chuoyakuhin (pharmacy)
This store used to sell medicines to contribute health of people in Shichinohe.
During this event, they display many hanging dolls and hand made crafts such as hina-dolls and purses. Pick and see ones if you like.
You can also purchase them and old cloths.
15. Meishodo(books)
In the store, they display a original hina-dolls made by a doll craft artist "Narita Kyusei". He used to live near here in Shichinohe when he was a child. He used to play closely with the master of this shop.
You can also see a big old house of Hamaiku at the parking area behind the store.
Note that you can't enter the house. Only viewing from outside is available.
16. Kyoukoubou(handmade accessory)
Handmade Japanese Accessory Studio.
Here are a number of exhibits of hanging decorations, Japanese accessories, oshi-e work(Japanese
quilting), creative dolls and so on. We also sell works and old cloths.
The venue is in Toei Complex. Please refer to Kyoukoubou Area map.
Please come by car.
17. Yoneto(grocery)
A century-long continuing crockery, grocery store. It used to be a warehouse built with mad in the past. There are retro dishes, miscellaneous goods. They also sell delicious tea.
Seven steps of Showa 30 's, cute handmade hina dolls etc are displayed.
18. House of Morita
A long lasting old family. 6 years have passed since they displayed dolls.
Dolls are displayed in an old hose that was built 100 years ago. Please enjoy to see the dolls from the garden of the house.
Also enjoy tea ceremony in a tatami room.
19. Shichinohe Shinmaigu (shrine)
It was established in the Muromachi era (1396). It moved to here in Meiji era (1881). There used to be a main building of Shichinohe castle. They display hina-dolls and old dolls in the shrine. Children played with them and treated them carefully a long time ago. Enjoy walking around the park area and pray here for world peace.
20. Shichinohe postal office.
<Painting Exhibition of Pitaya and Obara>
Hallo, this is Pitaya and Obara. I'm working hard everyday to let people enjoy in Shichinohe town with my paintings. I will continue to make effort to give people surprise and excitement via power of picture. I hope you like them!